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Franchisee Empowerment

  • Over 37 years of success
  • Tremendous training and support
  • Superb technology

Excellent student results

  • Over 2 grade levels growth in 3 months
  • Over 4 ACT points or 190 SAT points in 2.5 months

#1 Revenues

  • Revenues 50% higher
    than our closest competitor
  • Rapidly growing industry
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2013 average tutoring center revenue & initial investment

Your success is enabled by our comprehensive support, tutoring leadership and the strong industry fundamentals.

Comprehensive support

  • Thorough initial training, ongoing coaching from experts
  • High performing national call center
  • Full suite of technology yielding process excellence

Tutoring leadership

  • Customized learning solutions for each student
  • Evidence based teaching techniques
  • Accredited learning centers

Strong industry fundamentals

  • 19% projected tutoring industry growth from 2014 to 2019
  • Number of children in school expected to set new records through 2021
  • College attendance expected to grow 14% from 2012 to 2022

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