In-center or online, we are dedicated to helping students!​

With COVID-19 interrupting traditional classroom learning, students are dealing with a risk of academic decline that is compounded by social and emotional stressors. Studies show that on average, students lose up to 30% of their previous year’s reading progress and 50% of their previous year’s math progress. Therefore, it’s extremely important that we invest in our children’s education, which can be fun and engaging with Huntington’s help.

In response to the pandemic forcing school closures last spring, Huntington Learning Center launched a virtual, live and individualized tutoring and test prep platform called HuntingtonHelps LIVE, enabling us to keep our doors open online, even if our brick-and-mortar centers closed temporarily due to state mandates. Since the platform’s launch in March 2020, Huntington’s certified teachers and accredited programs have provided hundreds of thousands of hours of personalized online tutoring to students across the country.

We provide students with the best education possible. Whether that’s in one of our centers or online, Huntington is here for you.

On top of HuntingtonHelps LIVE, COVID-19 has seen the launch of multiple new programs


Individualized programs in Writing, Reading, Math, and Study Skills.

Homework HELP

One-to-one instruction with a certified tutor to review and reinforce content learned, prepare for upcoming assignments and learn organizational tools.

Huntington Study Hall

Small group settings for students to attend their virtual school with certified teachers on hand to support in-center and online. Grades K-3 is one teacher to two students; grades 4 and up are at most six students to one teacher.

Academic performance coach

The coach works 1:1 with the student, focusing on study skills including time management and organization, while discussing school responsibilities and accountability for completing homework lessons on time and effectively preparing for upcoming tests and quizzes.

We continued to give every student the best education possible through our staple services, which have been providing proven results for over 43 years.

Learning Center Programs

This academic skill-based program is customized to meet students’ academic needs. K-12 tutoring in phonics, reading, writing, spelling, math (K-8, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus), sciences, study skills, subject specific, and ADHD program.

TEST PREP Programs

This program prepares students for state and standardized exams including SAT, ACT, PSAT, NMSQT, state tests, Advanced Placement, ISEE, SHSAT, TACHS, and HSPT.

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*Data are based on each company’s Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) for all franchise centers open in 2019, except for Kumon, which are for centers open at least three years; Tutor Doctor, which are for centers open at least one year; and Sylvan, which are for centers oopen at least 24 months. We estimate Club Z! revenue from its financial statement as total franchisor 2019 revenue, less estimated purchase of trademarked material and software fees, divided by the average royalty rate, then divided by the number of centers. We estimate Kumon revenue from its 2020 FDD and a 2015 survey of its centers as average center enrollment multiplied by an average monthly enrollment charge of $120, plus registration fee of $50 and materials fees of $30 for half of its enrollments. We estimate Tutor Doctor revenue as follows: Its 2020 FDD provides average enrollment by quartile for centers open 12 24 months and for centers open 25+ months. Its 2018 FDD provides average enrollment value for each quartile. We compute each quartile’s total enrollment. For each quartile, we multiply its total enrollment by that quartile’s average enrollment value to estimate total revenue for each quartile. We estimate the average center’s revenue as the sum of these revenue estimates divided by the total number of centers.

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