Great Income, Growing Business and Giving Back to the Community – Win-Win-Win!

“Financially, I have grown my business by almost 100% since my first year of ownership and achieved over $1 million in revenue, which is something I’m proud of both personally and professionally. We’ve worked hard to establish our standing as ‘problem solvers’ for students of all ages, and have built a reputation within our local schools that didn’t exist before – it’s gratifying to hear parents and students tell us that ‘everyone’ at school says Huntington is the place to go!”
Stephanie Kennedy, Washington

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World-Class Training and Operational Support

“After being laid off from a well-known apparel brand when it emerged from bankruptcy, I decided I didn’t want to be exposed to something like that again and wanted a business of my own. Huntington Learning Center provided that opportunity as well the excellent training and coaching I needed to get my first location up and running. They also put me in touch with their franchisee community, a group of helpful and genuinely friendly folks who want everyone to succeed. Thirteen years later as a franchise owner I have continued to grow my revenues and my business and now own additional locations in other states.”
Len Silverman, Tennessee, Alabama and Ohio

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40 Years of Proven Results Helps Drive Success

“When stacked up against other franchising opportunities, never underestimate the value of having Huntington’s 40 years of outstanding tutoring and test prep services behind you to help drive your success. Hard work and built-in credibility are what helped contribute to our breaking even within six months of opening our doors. Parents trust Huntington because we are accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools as well as the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Huntington is also one of the nation’s first approved supplemental education services providers under No Child Left Behind.”
Wendy Tilford, Texas

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No More Corporate Red Tape

“You might say I came across the best job I’ve ever had by sheer luck. At the time, I was a business development manager for a private company and was helping a friend with a different franchise business. A franchise business consultant I met happened to show me some options and Huntington Learning Center proved to be right in my wheelhouse. So, I said ‘So long’ to corporate America and opened my first location in 2007 and second one in 2010. Financially, I’m making more money than I ever did working for someone else. I make my own decisions, minus all the red tape. And I manage to do it all working 25-30 hours per week!”
Bob Harms, Florida

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Proven, Supportive System that Works

“The Huntington system is based on achieving incredible results using proven curricula individualized for each student. I’ve been involved in two centers. In both cases, I’ve seen the centers grow in revenue and profits on an annual basis. In my current center, revenue has increased over 100% since I’ve owned it! As a franchisee, you should be able to rely on the franchisor for expertise in marketing, training and operational support. Huntington has provided all of the expertise I’ve needed to ensure success.”
Jeff Williams, Texas

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Proud of Continued Growth and Student Success

“We opened our first center in 1994 with 1,100 square feet of office space and quickly doubled in size before constructing our own free-standing building in 2000, once again nearly doubling our classroom space to 4,000 square feet. Along the way, we opened a second Huntington Learning Center and have enjoyed similar success at that location. Huntington’s proprietary 4-step approach is a proven winner when it comes to improving student performance in the classroom and on tests. That makes parents and kids eager to spread the word about the great results they’ve achieved, and it makes us proud to share in their success.”
Lorie Strennen, Pennsylvania

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Making A Difference and Financial Independence

“After years of working on the corporate side and being frustrated with the politics of it all, I set out to fulfill a lifelong ambition of owning my own business. I researched various franchising opportunities in autos and other serviced-based businesses before being introduced to Huntington Learning Centers. That’s when I realized what I was looking for was a business that would make a difference in people’s lives. Since opening my location in 2004, Huntington has not only enabled me to work on my own and make a good living to support myself and my family, it’s been amazing to be able to work with and help so many students achieve success in school.”
Brian Riddick, Washington and Idaho

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Success Close to Home

“I used to travel over 200,000 miles a year in my prior career until I woke up one day and finally said, ‘Enough!’ I opened my center in 2012 with the goal of doubling my business within five years. Once parents, teachers and students began to see reading scores increase by one or more grade levels and SAT and ACT test scores surge ahead, the question became not would I surpass my goal but by how much? I credit outstanding franchisor training and support, my own hard work and a dedicated team that faithfully follows Huntington’s proven curricula for the great success we’ve achieved.”
Kurt Spitler, Indiana

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Doing Right by Students Leads to Success

“After a panel discussion I participated in, an owner of a technical school came up to me and said the quality of an educational franchise program didn’t matter as much as the marketing. That person would never fit into the Huntington franchise community! I have never come across a group of people so committed to doing right by their students and parents. All Huntington’s franchisees care about their customers and are proud of their roles in the community. In fact, my center’s success has allowed me to hire a center director, which frees me to be with my kids for their sporting and other special events.”
Robert Hauck, Illinois



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