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All investment figures are as reported in Item 19 of their 2016 Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD). Revenue data are for all franchise centers open in 2015, except for Kumon, which is for centers open for three or more years. Huntington, Sylvan, Mathnasium, and Learning Rx revenues are as reported in Item 19 of their FDD. We estimated Club Z! revenue from its FDD-reported financial statement as total franchisor revenue, less purchase of trademarked material and software fees, divided by the average royalty rate, then divided by the number of franchise centers. We estimated Kumon revenue using data from its FDD Item 19 and a 2015 survey of its centers as average center enrollment multiplied by an average monthly enrollment charge of $120, plus registration fee of $50 and materials fees of $30 for half of its enrollments. We estimated Tutor Doctor revenue using the following information from its FDD: Average enrollment by quartile for two groups of franchised centers: those open 12-24 and 25+ months; and the average enrollment values for these groups. We computed each group’s total enrollment by quartile. For each group, we multiplied each quartile’s total enrollment by that group’s average enrollment value to estimate the total revenue for each group’s quartile. We estimated the average revenue of Tutor Doctor’s franchised centers as the sum of these estimated total revenues divided by the sum of the number of centers in each group.