Dr. Ray Huntington – Chairman

Dr. Raymond Huntington - Chairman of Huntington Learning Center

Prior to co-founding Huntington Learning Center with his wife, Eileen, Ray served as a senior business analyst for a Fortune 100 company and as a college-level instructor in math and statistics. At the time the couple launched their new business, tutoring centers did not exist, and Ray brought his business acumen and vision to work, making the dream to help students a reality and a thriving business. Sharing a strong desire to do something that is personally and professionally rewarding, the couple has seen their business grow from a single location to become one of the nation’s leading tutoring services. Ray holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in statistics from Rutgers University and a Bachelor’s of Mathematics degree from Manhattan College.

“Each child has his or her own special way of learning. Our process helps find the sweet spot where comprehension and understanding blossom.”

Eileen Huntington – Chief Executive Officer

Eileen Huntington - Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Huntington Learning Center

Eileen founded Huntington Learning Center with her husband, Ray, in 1977. Prior to starting the company, Eileen was a junior high and high school teacher in New York City and New Jersey, where she witnessed struggling students first-hand. The idea for a tutoring center that offered individualized, supplemental instruction to students K-12 to help close the skill gaps was born. Forty years later, the company has grown to 300 Huntington Learning Centers with locations in 41 states. Eileen has a Master’s in Library Science from Rutgers University and a bachelor’s from Good Counsel College in New York.

“Our founding vision is embodied in our mission statement, which is ‘to give every student the best education possible.”

Anne Huntington Sharma – President

Anne Huntington - Vice President of Business Development for Huntington Learning Center

Anne Huntington brings a unique perspective and depth of experience to Huntington Learning Center. In her role as President, Anne is focussed on the company’s digital transformation efforts, continued franchise expansion, developing strategic partnerships and serving as the company’s public-facing representative.  In her previous role as Vice President of Business Development, Anne developed and executed programs and partnerships that positioned the company to help more students. Anne works with each department to ensure the company’s vision is carried out. Anne brings more than ten years of proven experience in sales and business development within the education and art industries.

Before joining Huntington Learning Center in 2014, Anne launched — and remains — the Principal of AMH, a creative agency for contemporary art and culture. In this capacity, she has curated over 30 exhibits across the country with organizations to help build awareness and raise millions of dollars for various causes. Anne serves on the Executive Committee for the Learning Disabilities Association of the Americas, and is a member of the Women’s Franchise Committee for the International Franchise Association (IFA). She is also an active chair and member of numerous education and arts-based groups such as the Young Collectors Council at the Guggenheim Museum, the Future Leadership Council at the Whitney Museum, NYC’s Coalition for the Homeless, Teaching Matters, CHADD and COPAA. Anne received a Bachelor of Arts from Colgate University.

“Huntington’s future is bright as we expand our reach, implement technology in new and exciting ways, and increase the number of students we can help through strategic partnerships.




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