Demand for Tutoring & Test Prep is Growing

  • The Tutoring Industry in the U.S. has reached $4.9 billion dollar and is projected to reach $5.2 billion by 20201
  • Exam Prep and Tutoring ranks #8 on a list of “Best Industries for Starting a Business”.8
  • More parents are paying for tutors for their children, and spending on tutors is growing at more than 5 percent a year.2
  • The total number of students in public and private elementary and secondary schools is projected to grow to nearly 57 million by 2025.3
  • According to the New York Times, test prep and tutor industry is recession resistant. Parents prioritize their children’s education.2
  • As a Huntington franchisee you’ll find great reward working with students from kindergarten through college, helping them to achieve their academic goals.
  • In 2015, 15 year old students in the U.S. ranked 31st in math, 20th in science and 16th in reading out of 72 worldwide educational systems measured, according to PISA.4
  • Countries like South Korea that score at the top of the rankings have substantial tutoring industries.
  • College-bound students also struggle:
    • Of the 1.9 million students who took the ACT in 2016, 62% of test takers met no more than two of the four ACT College Readiness Benchmarks, and 34% met no benchmarks at all.5
    • The SAT reported that 53% of 2018 college-bound seniors did not meet the College and Career Readiness Benchmark.6

Why Huntington Learning Center?

In the U.S., parental and student demand for professional tutoring services continues to grow. Many students K-12 can benefit from tutoring to help us compete effectively in a global economy.

Stellar reputation

Huntington has earned accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The Huntington brand has longevity and consumer recognition as the oldest national provider of supplemental education services for the K-12 market.

Market-Leading Support

No previous education experience necessary! Huntington offers significant training and support across the board to help get your franchise up and running smoothly, including operations, marketing and technology.

Commitment to Technology

Huntington offers proprietary, user-friendly software solutions that keep the focus on student results and progress. First, there are diagnostic tools to help tutors pinpoint the exact curriculum needed for each individual student’s needs. There’s also a suite of tools to help manage back-office operations so that the business runs smoothly and efficiently so you can spend your time helping students.

Outstanding Results

The Huntington Learning Center system provides kids with access to caring, motivating teachers who utilize customized learning programs to ensure student success. Research shows individualized tutoring delivers 98% better than average7 results!


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Why It’s a Great Time for Tutoring Franchise Opportunities

Why is now better than any other time to invest in tutoring or education franchise opportunities?

The education franchise industry is slated to reach $227.2 billion globally by 2022, primarily because of the priority parents place on ensuring their children have access to tools to succeed. Here are a few more reasons to consider tutoring franchise opportunities.

Tutoring Industry Niche Offers a wide range of Opportunities

Today’s education franchises aren’t just focused on tutoring kids to score high on tests. There are now franchises specializing in college test prep, engineering, art, and more. Even if there are other education franchises in your community, there’s still opportunity for you to open a center with a particular focus. Huntington Learning Center provides a uniquely prescriptive approach to tutoring, assisting students K-12 in subjects like writing, phonics, math, and more, as well as providing college test prep.

Investments are Relatively Low

Compared to other types of franchises, education franchises are on the affordable end. Where you might spend a million dollars or more for, say, a restaurant franchise, education franchise opportunities like Huntington Learning Center are more affordable, at under $300,000 (including initial franchise fees and startup expenses). Please see Item 7 of our FDD for details.

Veterans Save as Franchisees

Many education franchises offer significant discounts to qualified military veteran franchisees as a way of thanking them for their service to the country. Huntington Learning Center offers a 25% discount on franchise fees to qualified vets making it a veteran friendly franchise.

You’ve Got Support Baked In

One of the perks of opening a franchise over an independent business is that you have someone to turn to if and when you need guidance and support. A franchisor wants you to thrive as much as you do, and they will be there to not only train you to get up and running, but also provide ongoing marketing, operations, and technical support as you grow your franchise.

Technology Can Enhance What You Offer

Today’s kids live and breathe technology, and incorporating it into your tutoring franchise is a great way to really help them grow.

Huntington Learning Center uses technology to create individualized prescriptions for students so they can follow their own unique learning path for best results. You and your team, as well as parents and children, can monitor progress easily and show students how far they’ve come.

We also built a remote online tutoring franchise as as a tool to help students continue to thrive when they aren’t in our centers.

No Experience Necessary

Before you think that you need to have decades of education experience under your belt to open a tutoring franchise, that’s not necessarily the case. Many franchise brands, including Huntington Learning Center, don’t require you to have experience in education. We provide all the tools you need to build your center.

Having some business experience is nice to have, but a willingness to follow our established systems is even better!

An Education Franchise Opportunity Can Make a Difference

Not every franchise industry is primarily focused on changing lives for the better, but educational franchises certainly are. Your franchise could be the spark that ignites a lifelong passion for chemistry, math, or reading in a child, or the resource to help a student ace a college entrance exam into an Ivy League school.

Children are our future, and they need every possible chance to succeed. Education and Tutor Industry provide a valuable service in supporting and enhancing what they are learning in schools, and building good study habits as well as self-esteem. As a franchisee in this space, you have the opportunity to help students while creating financial success for yourself.



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